People piss me off … do you really have the right???

This post is likely gonna get a little personal and it’s probably gonna piss some people off and if it does what I hope, it will change the way you look at people (hopefully not me – at least not in a negative way!)

So, do me a favor and think back to the people you know in your life and in your family….have any of them done something wrong, broken the law, gotten in trouble (before they actually grew up?!) I didn’t put an age because some people grow up before others and some are 30 and 40 and have not yet grown up. Think of how you thought of them or treated them ….

Now think, have you personally ever made any mistake, learned a difficult lesson, done something that others haven’t approved of, broken the law (oh yeah if you’ve got a lead foot you’ve broken the law – haven’t you?)??

I could probably stop now and you will look at people in a more positive light. But I’m not going to. I want this post to hit home. The one thing I’ve always done with every person I know is look at the positive. I have never judged and I most certainly have NEVER talked about someone that I wouldn’t say to their face. And chances are I have told them to their face.

Now where my post gets personal. My husband and I have both had some issues, made some life changing decisions (that were not totally positive) and faced some rough roads in our life. This is where you actually relate to me — because if you haven’t had challenges you haven’t lived! We do not typically share the roads we’ve travelled with people because it is irrelevant of who we are today. Your past does not determine your future.

On the occasion I will share this information with people who I feel are closest to me. Never in a million years did I think it would change our relationship, but it did. Not only did it change the relationship I had with these few people we told, but it changed our relationship with people who we didn’t even tell….I’m sure I won’t have to tell you why…we’ll chalk it up to drama-feeders, jealousy, and pure immaturity. Like I said can’t put an age on growing up.

When someone confides in you – asks you not to share your stories, do you share them with others? Voice your opinion to others about people? Do you think of who you are hurting in the process? Do you judge them?

If you feel the need to talk about somebody elses’ life and situation, do me a favor, make sure you have room to talk. Make sure you’re not out their fucking up your own life, sneaking around, being immature, and most of all make sure that you’ve got all the facts before you open your mouth.

If you don’t care who you hurt, go ahead, bring the drama in your life. As I say KHARMA is a bitch … she is not your friend. You may not get yours today, tomorrow or even this year, but you’ll get yours and the person on the other end will be sitting there knowing it’s what they deserve.

And if you think to judge someone on their past, remember there is only one jury and judge. Your judgement day will come and you will be judge on how you treated people that you come in contact with.

One thing I’ve always done is look for the best and positive in people. I expect that people will have secrets, that people will have issues, that people will have made mistakes in their life. But that doesn’t change the way I look at them.Maybe I’m too nice.  I’m the one who gets talked about behind my back, and people are nice to my face…well screw that … I’d rather someone say nothing to me, lose a few “wanna-be-friends” than be talked about behind my back, and a smile to my face. I have all I’ve ever needed, are a few less friends really gonna change my life? What about you, are there a few people in your life that you’d be okay if they weren’t friends (or even family)?

If people thought I was a bitch before…wait for my biography — I won’t use fake names to protect the guilty. And it will be a Number 1 Best Seller. My life and happiness will not be determined by someone’s need to have something to talk about at a local party. I love my life, I love the people in it (those that matter anyways), and I love what I do. I may get pissed off at people’s actions but I don’t dwell.I have a life to live.

I do not expect people to be perfect. Perfection does not exist. I am not perfect. But I do look for positive, good-hearted people, if you feel the need to talk about me, do me a favor and don’t get involved with me, my husband or my kids. I don’t need people (the negative, drama-induced men & women) who have not yet grown up.


Nobody’s Perfect (and neither is their life)

Each and every day we look at other people, we see what they post, and we wonder, what if my life was as perfect as theirs.

Well here’s your wake up call: their life is not perfect, they are not perfect and no matter how much we want to be like someone else, they look at you the same way. They wonder what it would be like to have that perfect life they think you have.

With facebook, blogs, and twitter people only show you what they want to show you. Rarely, do you see someone post about how shitty their life is or how nothing ever goes there way. Yeah some of us make comments and we may joke about how nothing is going our way. But we don’t really make it known about how much we despise what is going on. Our life is not perfect, I am not perfect, my marriage is not perfect, my kids are not perfect. This is the same with everyone. What is perfect is the way I look at my life.

We all have problems. The way we get through these problems, situations and struggles are what define us as people. I may not be perfect, but I like to think I am. I am the perfect Nicole I can be! 🙂

If we expect something to happen in our life, the only way to make that happen is to do it ourselves. We have to put ourselves out there, know that mistakes will happen. We are not perfect and situations are not perfect. But what we do with those mistakes and lessons are what allow us to perfect ourselves.

Take time today to look at the good and positive in your life that you have become and let that be the perfection you strive for.  Remove the negative and embrace the positive. Your life is perfect for you.

March 4th Already!?!?

Seriously, where did February go? What about January? At this pace will be half way through the year and I’ll still be stuck in January. I don’t remember anything that happened in February, better get the to do list out and see what actually got done last month because honestly I DO NOT REMEMBER — is that old age?!?

Well enough about old age and time flying by. Let’s deal with the time we have now. “Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery and today is the present, that’s why it’s a gift.”  What will you do with your gift?

One thing I try to do each and every day is write one thing I wish to accomplish that day. I know it seems so small but there are so many thing happening our lives, our days take control of us and before we know it we are beat, climbing into bed and feel like nothing got done. Ever have one of those days? I had lots of those days, my to do list was a mile long (it still is), but now each morning I take that to do list and pick one item that i’m gonna scratch off of it. Just one.

I may add 10 more throughout the course of the day, but doesn’t it feel good to be able to cross stuff off that list. I know I have had a satisfactory day when I can take and cross off 1 thing each day. I may NEVER get through that list but at the end of the month of I’ve crossed off 30. Some days I cross off 5, some days I cross of 20, and some days I cross off 1. But as long as I keep crossing, I’ll feel good, I’ll feel like I’m making progress.

So I look back over the last 2 months and ask myself: what did I accomplish? What am I most proud of doing? I know it may sound self-criticing but a review of the previous month allows me to make sure that if something negative did happen, I don’t repeat the cycle and I am making progress towards the goals I have set. Am I the only one who does this? If you don’t try it, and put a plan in place for this month. Let me know next month how much better your March was over your February. If your months already rock — then they keep rocking and keep getting better! Who would complain about that?

Last month I took another step towards my financial independence and my retirement plan. I started yet another business. I did not achieve my fitness goal, but that’s something for this month.

Each month is a new chance to make the difference. You control your fate, your happiness, your success. If you say you can’t do it, you won’t do it. If you say you can, you will succeed beyond your expectations.

What difference will you make?

Take Time for You

I was on facebook tonight chatting with an old friend. She made a comment that I found my niche with work and that I loved what I was doing. She’s right, I absolutely without a doubt love what  I do, I love my life.

I asked her what she was doing and she was basically miserable. The complete opposite of where she was 2 years ago when we talked about life and what we were doing with it.

It was great to talk to her and while it was only on facebook chat, I would have really enjoyed a phone conversation. Maybe one day soon.

It got me thinking about how my life was 2-4 years ago. It was rough, I was miserable and I put everyone before myself. I worked for everyone else and dreaded the thought of another day. I really felt as if  I had hit rock bottom.

I can’t tell you the turning point, the motivator, the person who made the difference. I can tell you that one day I decide I control my life and my happiness.

At that point, I took my life into my own hands, and that was a little over a year ago. Now I’m on a mission to live the life I want. Doing what I want. I realize now that I do nothing for others when I am so miserable or unhappy. I can better help others if I have first helped myself.

Find what you want from life and what will make you happy. Determine the need for the motivation and what will motivate you. Stay focused and turn to those who will help you. Keep positive influences in your life and keep supporters close.

The number on thing you can do in your quest for happiness is take time for yourself.

Laugh until you Hurt!

I laughed so hard I almost peed my pants.

I laughed so hard I cried.

I laughed so hard my ribs, sides and everything else hurt!

I yelled so much my throat hurts.

What did I do that caused me so much joy and yet so much pain?!?!

Well I went to Jeff Dunham: Identity Crisis Show.

Lets see the first 15 minutes Jonathon Arons and his dancing, trombone playing self, had me practically rolling on the floor in laughter: Google Him you’ll see what I mean!

Followed by about 30 minutes of the insane comedian music of Brain Haner (aka Guitar Guy!) He knows how to have a good time! You Tube: Brian  Haner and watch the 2 videos Eileen and Fist Fight at the Waffle House.

Now we get into the good stuff over 2 hours of puppet comedy! Not just any puppet comedian – funniest shit I have ever seen!

Now I am sharing this with you for one reason and one reason only: You do not care what I did last night. You care what I experienced and what I got out of it, so I just told you what I experienced, now here is what I got out of it.

These 3 guys really know how to have a good time. There are times when I’m sure they’re day sucks, but you’d never know it! When you can laugh at yourself, when you ENJOY other people laughing at you, you know life is good. So todays words of wisdom:

Let somebody laugh at something you say, something you do, or something you wear. And enjoy it!

Next: Laugh at yourself, trip over your two left feet, let loose and look like a fool, drink too much and spill it all over your date…then laugh at yourself! 🙂

You will never look at anything the same way again!

Life is Good!!

So I was thinking last night as I finished up some projects on my computer that my life is awesome!

Then it dawned on me, my life is awesome because I think it is awesome. I may have days that I want to scream, or where everything goes wrong, but I am still happy with my life! I get to go to work and do what I love: socialize, build relationships, make people smile, and leave work with a smile. I get to go home and spend time cooking and eating with my 2 beautiful daughters, amazing husband and our doggie. Sometimes we watch a movie, sometimes I work. Depends. But regardless of what I am doing, I am happy.

I always have a smile and that’s because I choose to have the smile. It takes more work to frown and explain why your life sucks, than to smile and know that you are better off than some people.

I may not have a lot of money in the bank, but I am the richest person I know, because I choose to be.

Life is good, because I choose for it to be good.

My husband told me this morning I was a dreamer (and that he loved that about me!) I told him well if I don’t dream, what do I have to look forward to?

I may hate getting out of bed in the morning – because my body says I’ve worked it too much and it needs more rest…but my mind tells me that I have so much more I was put on this earth to do.

If you are still here, reading this blog, breathing this air, that means you have not finished what you were brought here to do. If you are saddened by the loss of a loved one, know that they have completed their journey and you need to continue on yours. A time will come when your journey is over, until then — love, laugh, live!

My life is amazing because I make it that way!

Social Fresh: Social Media Learning at its Best.

So I spent 2 days with some of the most awesomest (guess that’s not really a word, but too bad!) people in the twitter, facebook, and social media world — hell, I think I could go all the way here and flat out the most awesomest people (PERIOD!).

I learned from those who created nifty slideshows (and not so nifty slideshows).

I learned from those who just like social media (and truly understand what it’s all about!)

I learned from people right here in Tampa.

I learned from people not here in Tampa.

I learned from such a variety of people, it’s gonna take a while I’m sure to review my current social media strategy and improve it with the information I received over the last two days. Although, since social media grows and moves at an astounding rate, it can’t take me too long or it will be all for nothing, because something better will be available and a new way of doing things and a new why of doing them.

The one thing I have said since the beginning of social media is this: it’s all about relationships, and that was confirmed at Social Fresh. Integration of a Social Media campaign should be integrated not a replacement. And as always, analytics and tracking is the key to a successful campaign.

I learned about the poisons and antedotes for corporate communication integration of social media. Paula Berg of Linehart PR was amazing in her presentation, she kept it real, enjoyable, and kept me engaged. I think most of #socialfresh tweets came from her being on stage.

Well now that I’ve shared with you my experience, go attend a SocialFresh conference in your town! It’s the best investment I’ve made in my career.

And if you want to know the specifics that I learned, you’ll have to ask (but remember time is money, and it’s your most valuable asset – so don’t take mine for granted!)

Social Fresh Conference Rocked (and it’s only day 1)

So today I got to spend the day interacting with Social Media gurus, novice, and all the awesome Social Media people at the Social Fresh Conference in Tampa.a

Today was the first day. I’ve spent years on Facebook, created a number of facebook pages, and learned a number of tips, tricks and shots that I did not already know.

I had a great time at the conference and the after party on the deck of the Pub was a great time and met some awesome people. It is awesome to learn about the people in our area, in our industry, and the incredible power of our social prowess. 🙂

I’m currently drafing content for that will outline what was learned at the first day of training for

I am super excited about the direction this training is going and what I am able to apply to life in general. I am also grateful for the amazing relationships that will come of the interactions on facebook, twitter and in the real world.

Todays conference focused solely on the facebook aspect. Tomorrow brings social media as a whole. Can’t wait to see what I learn. And can’t wait to see the awesome people I am meeting.


Every year I watch the superbowl. I love it. I love sports. Even if my team isn’t playing I like to watch. I like the sport, I like the commercials, I like the halftime show. I like it all. This year was a bit different in years past.

I really didn’t care who won, ALTHOUGH, I was hoping the Steelers would beat the Packers. I am a Bears fan by marriage 🙂 and well Green Bay beat the Bears. Enough said.

I did get to spend the day with my dear neighbor and friend Sabrina and her husband, and some of their friends. It was a great time. We laughed, enjoyed good food, and company, and then realized there was something seriously wrong with the picture.

There were 4 girls (Taylor, Jade, Sabrina and I), and 4 boys (Michael, Chris, Kyle and Jason). I’ll lay the scene and you tell me what is “odd” about this picture.

Taylor was seating on the chair, Jade, Sabrina and I on the couch. Chris was standing at the counter, Michael at the counter opposite Chris, and Kyle and Jason at the table. Do you see the “oddness” here?

The commercials weren’t all that great, a few good ones, but nothing that knocks my socks off. I did like the new e-trade commercial, that million dollar baby is awesome!

The half time show — yeah not impressed, although Slash and Usher made the show watchable. 🙂 I was ready to turn Black Eyed Peas off … not a very good audio performance.

AND my final thought on the Superbowl, what jackass decides the Superbowl should be on a Sunday evening?!? HELLO. Do you not have a job? Apparently you suck at it and likely don’t have it anymore because the Superbowl on a Sunday evening is just wrong. I vote for now on that we have Superbowl on a Saturday or Friday evening. It was not possible to enjoy alcohol during this event because of the time. 😦 booo…. Find a new scheduler, help our economy.

Working Out

I really have to do something about this inconsistency. Not just with the blogging.

I missed a few days because  I was sick and then out of town for 2 days. I was gonna start week 3 over last week but then ended up working till 9:00 nearly every night so I just decided it was my bodys way of telling me, it was dying a slow death.

I just needed some rejuvination. I worked out tonight and will start up with week 3 tomorrow morning for the insanity program. I’ve decided that I need 2 a day workouts so in the evenings I will be doing a combination of Hip Hop Abs, Rockin’ Body, and Turbo Jam.

Sorry for the failure to stick with it but life gets in the way — as long as you hop back on you are okay. So I took a few days and let me body rest and we’ll be back into the insanity groove in the morning.

I have goals and this is the year I complete those goals, even if it does mean a large number of sacrifices. As I am getting older I am learning that  I am not happy with how I look and will be doing what I can to get the body that I want.

How are you feeling about yourself and are you doing anything to better yourself? Use my comments to share your thoughts and let us work together to be the beautiful people we are!

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